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Casino Mini Rail
About Our Railway
Casino, N.S.W., Australia

A round trip on our scenic miniature railway is about 4 km. The track is 7 1/4 inch and 5 inch mix dual gauge.

Our trains leave North Casino station and wind through the beautiful Jabiru Geneebeinga Wetlands.

Our steam and diesel loco's skirt the Casino Golf Course and farmland before arriving at the old Casino Station, which has been developed into a railway museum. Here the passengers can disembark and get a glimpse of the days of Casino's railroading past.

Passengers can bring a picnic and choose a nice spot to enjoy it, then wander along the bush walking tracks before catching a train back to North Casino.

The Wetlands are rich in bird life, including a yearly visit by a pair of nesting Jabiru which come to the wetlands to breed.

In short, our railway is an interesting journey through a wonderful and diverse countryside. Please come and visit with us, you'll be glad you did!

Jabiru Geneebeinga WetlandsRunning Days

The railway runs on every Sunday between 10 am
and 4 pm. also public holiday weekends and throughout Beef Week.

For special weekend or weekday function bookings please phone:

Ross: 02 66633319
Sid: 02 66621924

Email: stationmaster.at.casinominirail.org.au

Due to increasing numbers of SPAM mail pls change .at. to @ for email

For safety reasons, please wear enclosed footwear.

Check out Our Photo Gallery or Click HERE to see some maps of the railway, Casino and surrounding districts.

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